Week 8 In Review – Just Keep Winning


The Dodgers have been fun to watch this year. It could be because I’ve been able to watch more. I’ve been able to watch them more with the acquisition of Spectrum and I’ve attended more games than I did last year. Could be that the new exciting players like Bellinger and Taylor. Puig is always entertaining and guys like Utley can surprise you. It could even be that I’m just paying more attention working on this site. But probably the biggest reason is I like watching them win, and this week they did just that. The Dodgers opened the week with a 13 inning game which saw them lose Joc Pederson. After being shut down offensively the following day in a rough Rich Hill start they bounced back to take the rubber game against the Cardinals. Alex Wood pitched a gem against the Cubs and McCarthy did the same, and the Dodgers were able to get to Lester in the finale to sweep the defending World Champion Cubs. The pitching looks like it’s hitting it’s stride and the veteran hitters are starting to heat up which is great, but above all, it’s fun to watch.

5/23  2-1 W STL

5/24 1-6 L STL

5/25 7-3 W STL

5/26 4-0 W CHC

5/27 5-0 W CHC

5/28 9-4 W CHC

Record For The Week: 5-1

Player of the Week:  Chase Utley

The veteran had struggled most of the season prompting most, including me, to wonder if his days of being productive were over. However, he turned things on big time and showed how great he still is, it’s really remarkable.

Key Moments:

  • Forsythe Walk Off
  • Ryu picks up his first save
  • Utley and Gonzalez hit their first home runs of the season

Week Eight Puig:

You got “ Baseball Is Hard Puig!

This was a rough week for Puig. He didn’t look like he was locked in at all. Not that he was swinging at bad pitches, but he wasn’t hitting pitches in the zone either, and the numbers reflect it. Despite his .130 average for the week, his 8 strikeouts didn’t even lead the team this week, and not many Dodgers walked this week either so his 0 walks certainly stack up there. So, I can’t say I’m overly concerned, (he did absolutely crush one in a game he wasn’t supposed to start so maybe he’ll turn things around next week.)

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Episode 10 – Happily Pessimistic

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Episode 9 – Getting Good Wood

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Week 7 in Review – Don’t Mess With Brett Eibner


“Most days of the year are unremarkable. They begin and they end with no lasting memory made in between.”

We just got a week full of them.

This isn’t to say stuff didn’t happen. Turner got injured, Rich hill came back, Bob Geren and Don Mattingly had a moment. But the Dodgers continued to struggle against the underperforming Giants and they dropped the first two games of the series until Kershaw helped secure a win in the finale. The Dodgers also beat up on a team they should beat up on, in the Marlins. Aside from Ryu running and jumping, the most thrilling part of the series was a bench clearing incident following Ross Stripling’s ejection for throwing behind Giancarlo Stanton. The warning was a response to a Brett Eibner hit-by-pitch.  The series win helped secure a 4-3 record on the week. Not great, not horrible, simply…shrug emoji.


Record For The Week: 4-3
5/15 4-8 L @SFG
5/16 1-2 L @SFG
5/17 6-1 W @SFG
5/18 7-2 W MIA
5/19 7-2 W MIA
5/20 6-10 L MIA
5/21 6-3 W MIA


Playoff Odds:

Injury Update:

  • Rich Hill returns from DL (hamstring)
  • Adrian Gonzalez returns from DL (back and elbow)
  • Justin Turner placed on DL (hamstring strain)
  • Logan Forsythe continues rehab assignment (hamstring and toe)
  • Kenta Maeda makes rehab start (hamstring)
  • Yasiel Puig is day to day (back)

Player of the Week: Chris Taylor
Went 9/20 with 3 doubles and 2 HR.


Key Moments:

  • Rich Hill returns
  • Ryu shows his athletic side
  • Corey Seager swung at an 3-0 pitch after the 7th
  • Brett Eibner homers, gets hit, starts to convert self to pitcher
  • Justin Turner pulls hamstring
  • Joc Pederson finally hits his second home run

Week Seven Puig:

You got “Broken Puig!”

Puig injured his back and is currently day to day. But at least he did us the courtesy of hitting a home run we could watch on repeat for a week. And it was off a fastball, A FASTBALL.

Swing Of The Week:

Pitches of the Week: Two curves, two arm angles. Rich Hill is fun.


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Week 6 In Review: I Think We’re Gonna Be Okay


If being a baseball fan has taught us anything, it’s how to maintain an unhealthy relationship. Every year you invite this summer fling into your life with caution and the hope that things will be different this year. And the way the Dodgers are playing lately, they’ve successfully charmed their way back into your life and it’s time to access how you feel:

Stranger Necessary To Execute This Bit:
So, how are things between you and the Dodgers?

Me, an intellectual:
Actually things are going really well. We had a couple of great nights this week, and I don’t know… I just really like where this is going…

There was some great pitching this week, Alex Wood put together two great outings, striking out 11 hitters in 5 innings of work before putting on another dominate start  in Colorado. Julio Urias took a no hitter into the 7th before watching it painfully slip away, and I mean painful in the most literal sense as Andrew Toles tore his ACL on the play. This effectively killed the “youngest starter since…” and “on Mexican Heritage Night” narrative but they still got a walk off win out of it, so that was nice of them. Maeda delivered a strong start as well and helped the Dodgers sweep the Pirates. Ryu’s start was less then ideal – actually it was ugly – obscene, even. The Dodgers did manage to turn a 10-0 blowout into a respectable 10-7 loss. Overall they split the series in Colorado and sit just a game and a half out of first and between the offense and the pitching, things are looking pretty good right now…so how are things between you and the Dodgers?

5/8 12-1 W PIT
5/9 4-3 W PIT
5/10 5-2 W PIT
5/11 10-7 L @COL
5/12 6-2 W @COL
5/13 4-0 W @COL
5/14 6-9 L @COL

Record For The Week: 5-2

Playoff Odds:

Injury Update:
Totes Torn ACL Out for season
McCarthy “Left shoulder dislocation”
Maeda “Left hamstring tightness”
Rich Hill- Returning from the DL on Tuesday
Gonzalez-Right Elbow Soreness, minor league assignment

Player of the Week:
Alex Wood put together two great starts this week and is making it really hard for the Dodgers to remove him from the rotation. He had 21 strikeouts on the week with 0 earned runs allowed. (Grandal also hit .591 on the week – wow)

Key Moments:
– Wood 11 strikeouts in 5 innings
– Urias 6+ no hit innings
– Taylor hits grand slam
– Ross Stripling Ran (Oh, and a walk off win for Barnes)
– Seager hits a towering bomb in Colorado
– Puig hits a missile that barely leaves the ground

Week Six Puig:

You got “Decent Puig!”

If this is Puig on cruise control, I’ll take it. Nothing Earth shattering but he hit .280 on the week and had a couple of home runs. That’ll do Puig, that’ll do.

Swing Of The Week

I’ll have what he’s having

Pitch of the Week
Wood gets all the K’s

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Episode 8 – Phantom Limbs and Hamstring Pulls

Adam and Seth recap the previous week for the Dodgers and discuss phantom injuries, Cody Bellinger staying hot, and the Rockies as a threat.

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Breaking Really Bad

Now pitching for the Dodgers, number 54, Sergio Romo…

And at that moment, Dodger fans around the world groan in unison – at least that’s what it feels like. It’s not completely unjustified either, if you look at his numbers on the year, you’ll notice that they don’t exactly spark confidence. In fact, they’re pretty horrifying. After averaging a 3.20 ERA over the past 3 years, he has an ERA of 7.94 with 8 walks in 11 innings of work (but hey, at least he has a win…). Some might say it has only been 11 innings, he’ll turn it around, BABIP, regression to the mean, blah blah blah. They’re probably right. Romo will most likely turn into the Romo we all knew and hated on the Giants. And this might sound like our podcast motto of “I’m not worried,” but what if he doesn’t turn things around? What are some things we should pay attention to before we relive another Brian Wilson nightmare.

The most obvious point of concern is his age. Romo turned 34 in March, and after averaging 50-60 IP for 7 years there may be some wear and tear on his 5-11/185 body. One of the main signs of pitcher aging is a velocity drop, and while we can see that his velocity has steadily dropped over the years, it has actually risen in 2017.

Another reason to not worry about the “age factor” is that he is still getting K’s and giving up HR’s at his career norm rates. If a change/drop in velocity was something to be worried about, we would see those numbers getting worse. If anything, it’s hard not to wonder if those numbers will change as the season wears on, but it’s safe to say they’re not a factor right now. So if he is striking out the same amount of batters, and giving up the same amount of home runs, why is his ERA so bad?


In this case it’s really that simple. All of his other numbers are in line with career norms, but take a look at his walks.

That’s a big jump. Over 3x his career average. The reasons for this are unclear since other parts of Romo’s game remain unchanged. The one thing that is clear, though, is that he cannot continue to walk a batter in almost every inning and stay competitive. This is the thing to focus on going forward. Can he stay in the strike zone while keeping the other numbers in line? If he can, then expect Romo to remain a high leverage option for Roberts to use. If he can’t, then his Dodger career will be short and not so sweet.

Either way let’s not worry, it’ll be fine.

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Week 5 In Review: Baby Bellinger Bashes Ball



The week didn’t get off on the right foot. Kershaw struggled a bit and the offense was a no show and they dropped the first game by a run. The loss snapped the Dodgers 4-game winning streak. Then in usual Dodger fashion they scored all their runs in one game in a 13 run blowout on Tuesday. Perhaps they should have rationed some of those runs because they only mustered one run, on six hits, over 11 innings, and dropped the series finale on Vin Scully day (how dare you!). Then the Dodgers went down to San Diego and where the Bellinger Show began. In the first game, Bellinger smacked two home runs including a 3 run shot in the 9th to secure the win. Kershaw swapped starts with McCarthy and responded with a solid star. The offense scored 10 runs on only 8 hits. Capped off with Bellinger’s grand slam. Sunday’s finale was rained out, so we can just pretend it’s a little 2 game sweep.

5/1    3-4     L SFG
5/2   13-5    W SFG
5/3   1-4      L SFG

5/5   8-2    W @SD
5/6   10-2  W @SD

Record For The Week: 3-2

Injury Update:
Adrian Gonzalez placed on 10 – Day DL
Rich Hill Rehab Start
Logan Forsythe Begins Rehab Assignment experiences hamstring tightness

Player of the Week:
Cody Bellinger, not much of surprise here. (though Chris Taylor’s great week shouldn’t be overlooked) Bellinger hit .429 with three homers this week including his first career grand slam. Hell, he even had a stolen base because why not?

Key Moments:
– Puig somehow dives backwards into a wall to make a catch.
– Bellinger hits his second multi-homer game.
– Kike plays Puig and nails a runner at third on the fly.
– Vin Scully ring of honor ceremony

Week Four Puig:

You got “Lackluster Puig!”

I mean he was okay this week. He had six hits on the week, though, they were all singles. While things could be worse, he hasn’t showed the same promise he was showed earlier in the year. Not exactly worried here yet, just not impressed.

Swing Of The Week

How do you even get to that pitch?

Pitch of the Week

91 MPH Slider? Yes please

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Episode 7 – Tools Floors and Ceilings

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Week 4 In Review: I’ll Take All The Wins For 200


The Dodgers got off to a split in San Francisco though all four games were close and could have gone either way. Bellinger made his debut on Tuesday and Urias made his first start of the season. The Dodgers came back home and saw Maeda find his form. Then Saturday I cashed in all the good karma I had saved for the week and was treated to a Dodgers comeback win. 3 straight home runs in the 9th capped off by a game winning “hit” by Gonzalez. I’m still squealing in excitement just thinking about it. Ryu’s strong outing combined with Turner’s hot hitting helped the Dodgers secure the sweep Sunday, and extend their winning streak to 4. In conclusion, Dodgers, if you could just win the rest of the games that would be great, thanks.

4/24 1-2  L  @SFG
4/25 2-1  W  @SFG
4/26 3-4  L  @SFG
4/27 5-1  W  @SFG
4/28 5-3  W  PHI
4/29 6-5  W  PHI
4/30 5-3  W  PHI

Record For The Week: 5-2

Injury Update:

Rich Hill played catch.
Franklin Gutierrez, Joc Pederson, and Logan Forsythe begin minor league rehab stints soon.

Player of the Week:
Justin Turner:

Continued tearing up the ball and had a game tying pinch hit home run. Oh, and for good measure, he hit .538 on the week. Yeah he’s good.

Key Moments:

Puig nails runner at home in SF
Bellinger makes his debut
Urias makes debut
Maeda Rebounds
Ryu two solid starts
Turner extends hitting streak to 16

Week Four Puig:

You got “Standard Puig!”

Not a spectacular week for Puig but it wasn’t horrible either. He showed off his canon in San Francisco and launched the first of the 3 home runs in their comeback victory. But he didn’t do a whole lot outside of that. He also saw his first off day and still managed to keep us entertained because, well, Puig.

Swing Of The Week
Too many to pick from but this one was the most exciting!

Pitch of the Week
How about that new cutter you got there?

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