Week 23 In Review: Dodgers Forget How To Baseball

The Dodgers hate us now. I don’t know what we did to them, but they’ve decided to lash out and treat us to awful baseball.

We talked about the Dodgers struggles last week, and they continued to be awful this week.  The team showed a couple signs of breaking out of it, several close games agains the Rockies, and a 4-1 lead early on Friday. In the end, the Dodgers dropped all 7 games this week, extended their losing streak to 10 games, and have now dropped 15 of their last 16. There isn’t much more to say, this isn’t fun anymore.

They still own the best record in baseball, (a title that is in danger btw) which is pretty interesting considering how awful they’ve been for two weeks. Just a testament to how good this team used to be, you know, when they  loved us.

9/04       0-13       L        ARZ
9/05        1-3         L        ARZ
9/06        1-3         L        ARZ
9/07        1-9         L        COL
9/08        4-5        L        COL
9/09        5-6        L        COL
9/10        1-8         L        COL

Record For The Week: 0-7

Key Moments:

  • Walker Buehler makes his MLB debut
  • Andre Ethier hits his first HR of 2017.
  • Darvish picks up his 1,000 career K. Fastest pitcher to do so.

Injury Update:
Adrian Gonzalez (lower back) day-to-day
Scott Kazmir (left hip strain) sent on class A rehab
Adam Liberatore (forearm) out for season
Franklin Guttierez (back) out for season
Brandon McCarthy (blister) transferred to 60-day DL

Player of the Week: Andre Ethier .571/.625/1.000 (7 AB) 1 HR

Humpty Dumpty has been put back together again, and it’s nice to see him back on the field, the fact that he’s been productive is just a nice bonus.

Week Twenty-Three Puig:

You got, “Whatever Puig”

It’s hard to care when the team has been so awful, and he hasn’t exactly helped things.

Stat line: .222/.300/.333

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