Week 14 In Review: I’m Into Something Good


If this Dodger team seems ridiculous, it’s because it is. Yammering on about how much fun they are to watch is pointless, because the excitement surrounding this team is something different and new. Every win comes with a historic tidbit about the historic pace they’re on or record they’ve broken. They go into the all star break with the best record in baseball and an insane run differential. And while they’ve been on an unsustainable pace, it doesn’t seem like a team that’s relying on luck. This is a talented group, and while they may not win 109 games like they’re on pace to do. They’re one of the best teams Dodger fans have seen in years. For a fan growing up in the post ’88 years, this is the type of team I always felt like I had missed out on. The hall of fame stacked lineups of the 50s, the Koufax/Drysdale years of the 60s and the dominant teams in the 70s that my grandfather fell in love with, are all just throwback videos on the jumbotron. Reminders of what the team used to be. Reminders of how different teams were in the McCourt and Fox years. There have been some great moments and some good teams since then, but none quite like this. To be fair, this team is special because teams like this don’t come around that often. And nothing is guaranteed. (see ’16 Giants) And of the six 100 win teams, none of them won the World Series. But am I worried? Of course not, because it’s fun to be a fan right now. It’s great to finally watch a team you know is special, that comes up with those moments, you only hoped for before.

Playoff Odds: 100%? The Dodgers are so good they are breaking math.

7/4 4-3 W ARI
7/5 1-0 W ARI
7/6 5-4 W ARI
7/7 4-1 W KC
7/8 5-4 W KC
7/9 5-2 W KC

Record For The Week: 6-0 (Perfect Week!)

Injury Update:
Grant Dayton 10-Day DL (Neck Stiffness)
Hyun-Jin Ryu 10-Day DL (Foot Contusion)
Yasmani Grandal Day to Day (Left Hand Bruise)

Player of the Week: Clayton Kershaw

We really don’t understand how lucky we are to see him pitch every fifth day.

Two Starts
ERA 1.13
GS 2
SO 24
IP 16.0
ER 2

Key Moments:

  • Kershaw takes no hitter into the 7th
  • Grandma flashes camera on Stadium Cam
  • Wood improves 10-0
  • Dodgers 4-Run 9th Walk Off
  • Utley 1,000 RBI
  • First Team to 60 wins
  • Walk-off walk
  • Turner homers twice.

Week Fourteen Puig:

You got “Face In Net Puig”! 

Not a spectacular week for the right fielder, but he has been surprisingly solid in this first half. And I must say, I’m pretty pleased. It was a good session in the cage, just had some trouble leaving it.


1 Home Run
0 BB
5 SO

Swing Of The Week: How about a single for once

Pitch of the Week: Curveball + Framing = Strikeout

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