Week 12 In Review: When Your Team Gets Hot


Okay, let’s get all the bad news out of the way. Julio Urias is done for the rest of the 2017, and will miss part of next season. The talented rookie tore his anterior capsule in his left shoulder, and will require surgery. The big concern is the chance that Urias may never be the same player he was before the injury. Of the few pitchers that have suffered similar injuries, few found success following their surgeries. The only silver lining here is that unlike the other pitchers, Urias does not have a full tear, so there is a chance he can make a full recovery, but at this point the future is very uncertain for the young phenom. Brandon McCarthy also struggled with the yips again on his Sunday start. The yips is a condition that effects fine motor skills, and though he’s been able put the condition in the past up to this point, there’s no way of knowing how much longer it will effect him or when it will come back. So, there is a bit of concern moving forward, especially because McCarthy has been one of the most dominant pitchers so far this year. But enough about the bad news…

The Dodgers look good, like really good. Going into the season, we knew they should be a pretty good team, they brought back a lot of the key players from last year’s team – a team that was two wins away from the world series. But, they’re playing on a completely different level. The Dodgers had some pleasant surprises with Alex Wood and Brandon McCarthy. Though Ryu hasn’t been is effective as he was in the past, he’s been really good at times. Chris Taylor came out of nowhere, Puig is closer to the impressive rookie sensation that broke in 2013 than struggling injury prone player we saw in 2015 and 2016. Seeger came within a few feet of a home run cycle (!!!), Turner is hitting close to .400, Jansen is striking out everyone (and he can swing the bat) … and then there’s Cody Bellinger, who breaks some sort of record every game it feels like. He has 24 home runs on the year and he didn’t get called up until the end of April. All this is to say, the team has been a lot of fun to watch, I’ve had teams on video games that weren’t this good. It really is ridiculous. It’s not going to last, it can’t last, (I mean they scored 5 runs on wild pitches, that only happens when things are going well) but that doesn’t matter. Because right now they are the best team in the National League. They’re probably the best team I’ve seen in my lifetime and I’m enjoying every moment. Until their next lost.

6/19      10-6     W      NYM

6/20      12-0    W      NYM

6/21       8-2     W      NYM

6/22      6-3      W      NYM

6/23      6-1       W      COL

6/24      4-0      W      COL

6/25      12-6     W      COL

Record For The Week: 7-0! (PERFECT WEEK)

Injury Update:

  • Julio Urias season over due to surgery (shoulder)
  • Adrian Gonzalez to 10-day DL (back)
  • Corey Seager (hamstring)
  • Franklin Guttierez to 10-day DL (Anklyosis spondylitis)

Player of the Week: Cody Bellinger

I was tempted to give this to Corey Seager, ( he had a 3 home run game and hit .563!) But then Cody Bellinger hit two more home runs to give him five for the week. He also hit .370 and only struck out five times this week. This honor is mostly for that. (and again, I like home runs)

Key Moments:

  • Cody Bellinger 2 homer vs Mets
  • Corey Seager 3 homer game
  • Puig homers and the Mets get mad
  • Grandal’s 2  homer game
  • Baez walks and picks up an RBI
  • Dodgers sweep Mets (first 4 game sweep of Mets since 1979)
  • Cody reveals he doesn’t know who Jerry Seinfeld is
  • Cody Bellinger 2 HR game vs Rockies
  • Kenley Jansen hits an RBI Double

Week Twelve Puig:

You Got “Meme Puig”!

“Tell me more about respecting the game because you’re horrible.”

.333/524/.800 with 2 home runs, 1 strikeout, 1 controversy and 6 walks.

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