Week 11 In Review: And The Next Man Wants To Hit The Ball Too, And He Does


“And the next man wants to hit the ball too – and he does! And there he goes off in that direction. And everyone is happy” – Marge Simpson

…But more importantly, I’m happy. The Dodgers began the week by taking on last year’s AL pennant winners – the Cleveland Indians. While they’ve underperformed a bit so far this year, they’re still loaded with talent, and the first two games were pretty close. The Dodgers would get to All-Star reliever Andrew Miller in back-to-back games. Cody Bellinger took Miller deep to break the tie in the 8th. And for good measure he added another home run in the 9th. Wednesday, it was Kike’s turn to get to Andrew Miller and he did it with an opposite shot to right to break the tie in the 8th. Rich Hill would struggle on Thursday, and the Dodgers never recovered. Wood was effective in his start on Friday. Joc Pederson went deep for his first home run since his return from the DL. Saturday, the Dodgers hit ALL THE HOME RUNS, en route to a 10-2 victory. They then knocked Bronson Arroyo around on Father’s Day to complete the sweep, though the bullpen did try and make a game out of this one.

The Dodgers used a quasi 6-man rotation, as Kershaw, McCarthy, Hill, Wood, Ryu, and Madea each made a start this week, and the Dodgers got solid starts from each except Hill. The biggest improvement was the offense. After struggling for the first half of last week, he continued his success from the weekend by continuing to crush the ball. But he’s not the only one. Kike, Puig, Taylor, Seager were also had great this week. Pederson tapped into the power he was missing for most of the season, and don’t forget about Justin Turner, who just doesn’t stop hitting. It’s always nice to see the offense show up, but it’s been especially nice considering they did it on the road, where they have struggled a bit at times. The Dodgers go 5-1 on the week and are looking pretty damn good. Now if only the Rockies and Diamondbacks would lose…

6/13      7-5     W     @CLE

6/14     6-4      W     @CLE

6/15     5-12     L     @CLE

6/16     3-1       W     @CIN

6/17     10-2     W     @CIN

6/18     8-7       W     @CIN

Record For The Week: 5-1

Playoff Odds:

Injury Update:

  • Joc Perderson returns from the 10-Day DL

Player of the Week: Cody Bellinger

Several players had really good weeks, but I like home runs. So, congratulations, Cody!

Key Moments:

  • Bellinger Two HR in Clevalnd
  • Kike Homers off Andrew Miller
  • Puig Homers, flips off fan.
  • Wood pitches a gem and drives in a run
  • Bellinger, Pederson go back-to-back
  • Kike’s run saving catch at the wall

Week Eleven Puig:

You got “F#$% You Puig”!

Puig responded to hecklers by hitting a home run and then flipping them off, and got suspended for it. But luckily the offense didn’t stop there. He would hit 3 home runs this week and had a triple slash of .304/.346/.739.

Swing Of The Week:

Pitch of the Week:

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