Sweet, Sweet Fantasy Team, Baby

In July the Dodgers acquired Yu Darvish. The move could easily be seen as front office being “extra” given the fact that they already had 6 quality pitchers and a huge lead in the division. But the move was about the bigger picture, and that was always clear. Thaws a move designed to push the Dodgers to the next level. But now it’s getting ridiculous. The Dodgers acquired Curtis Granderson. With 5 outfield options and Ethier on his way back from injury the Dodgers got another outfielder and as it may seem excessive, it still makes the team better. The move keeps Granderson from going to many other contenders which could have used him and gave up virtually nothing. He haunted the Dodgers during the 2015 NLDS and has given a hard time to prospective postseason competitors:

Oh! And apparently he’s really nice too. This team looks really good on paper, and is just as good in reality. It’s the kind of lineup you would create if you turned off “Fair Trades” on a video game. It’s only been a few games and the move is already paying off. The front office isn’t just trying to win the division, they know what the big picture is and they know what they need to do to put themselves in the best position to succeed. They’re building a beast, and it’s amazing.

8/15     6-1     W     CWS
8/16     5-4     W     CWS
8/18     8-5     W     @DET
8/19     3-0     W     @DET
8/20     1-6     L      @DET

Record For The Week: 4-1

Key Moments:

  • Dodgers improve to 50 games above .500
  • Kike hits 3rd HR off Rodon this year
  • Darvish exits with injury in Home Debut
  • Puig completes 3 run comeback in the 9th
  • Adrian Gonzalez returns from DL
  • Puig’s diving catch
  • Taylor collects 4 hits
  • Dodgers acquire Curtis Grandson
  • Joc Pederson is sent down
  • Bellinger injures ankle

Injury Update:
Yu Darvish (lower back) placed 10-day DL
Cody Bellinger (mid right ankle sprain) day-to-day
Grant Dayton (neck stiffness) Shut down indefinitely
Andre Ether (lower back) Sent on Double-A assignment
Clayton Kershaw (lower back) Threw simulated game 8/21

Player of the Week: Austin Barnes
He doesn’t get talked about all that much being a backup catcher, but, geez what a hitter.

Week Twenty Puig:

You got, “Clutch Puig!”

Puig has always been such a polarizing players, and his play has been so inconsistent that we created this feature to comment on which Puig was showing up on any given week. But for the most part 2017 has been consistent. 2017 doesn’t hit for a high average (a pretty modest .251) but he does walk and good for a .337 OBP. He hits for power, an aspect that’s been missing from his game the last two seasons. He still possess an above average arm, and his defense is now among the top in the outfield. But one of the biggest changes visible in his game this year is the quality of his at bats, particularly in high leverage situations.There aren’t as many pop ups or strike outs or aggressive swings at breaking balls away. That improvement was paid off in his at bat on the 9th on Wednesday. Quality at bats put hitters in a better position to succeed, and the more often a hitter does so, the more you come up with moments like this:

Los Angeles Dodgers’ Yasiel Puig, center, watches his two-run double off Chicago White Sox relief pitcher Jake Petricka, left, in the ninth inning that gave the Dodgers a 5-4 win in a baseball game Wednesday, Aug. 16, 2017, in Los Angeles. (AP Photo/Mark J. Terrill)

Statistically Puig is actually just around average in high leverage situations, but that is still a huge improvement, and one I’ll gladly take.

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Week 18 In Review: The Limit Does Not Exist

The 2013 Dodgers featured a talented group of players, and for a stretch of 50 games they went on a run of 42-8 setting a new Dodger record…amateurs. That group was surpassed this week by the 2017 Dodgers with their comeback victory on Saturday. Now we get to the fun part, getting to break it into ridiculous tidbits:

  • The Dodgers have a 79-32 game lead, 15.5 lead in their decision, and 8 games better than the next best team in baseball.
  • They are on pace for 115 wins, the most since the 2001 Seattle Mariners (116) who tied the MLB record.
  • The Dodgers have won 44 of their last 51 games, that is roughly 30% of the regular season and a 140-22 pace.
  • The Dodgers have hit 25 homers against the Mets in 7 games.
  • The Dodgers have a 276+ run differential.
  • The Dodgers are above .500 in games where they have trailed at any point. (33-32)
  • The Dodgers have lost 19% if their games to the struggling Giants (44-69) because, well, baseball.
  • If the Dodgers play one game above .500 for the rest of the season, they will win 105 games this season.

We’ve talked a lot about how great this team is, Darvish was marvelous in his debut, and #6 and #7 starter Maeda, and Ryu both had great outings, which speaks volumes about this teams, depth, and biggest contributor to their success. The crazy part of it is that some of the offensive pieces are only beginning to heat up. Taylor has been hot for awhile, as has Seager, but Bellinger looks to be getting into a groove along with Puig. And don’t forget about Turner, who hit 2 home runs against his former team. There’s no doubt that this is a historically good team, but as for finding ways to break it down? Well, the limit does not exist.

8/01      3-2      W      @ATL
8/02      3-5      L       @ATL
8/03      7-4      W      @ATL
8/04      6-0      W      @NYM
8/05      7-4      W      @NYM
8/06      8-0      W      @NYM

Record For The Week: 5-1

Key Moments:

  • Maeda works 7 scoreless in Atlanta
  • Darvish Dodger debut
  • Dodgers go 43-7 for best streak in 100+ years
  • Ryu dominates Mets

Injury Update:
Andre Ether (lower back) Rehab begins Aug 7
Adrian Gonzalez (lower back) Rehab assignment Aug 3
Chris Hatcher (thoracic inflammation) Began Triple A assignment Aug 4
Rob Segedin (Right toe strain) Began Triple A assignment Aug 3
Yasmani Grandal (back spasms) Exited early Aug 5
Franklin Gutierrez (Anklyosis Spondylitis) transferred to 60-Day DL
Brandon McCarthy (Blister) Placed on 10-Day DL
Alex Wood (Arm Fatigue)

Player of the Week: Yu Darvish

That fact the Ryu is even able to contribute on this team is a miracle, which makes his brilliant Sunday outing all the more special. But Darvish did pretty much all you could expect from his Dodger Debut.

7 innings
3 Hits
1 BB
10 SO

That’ll do.

Week Eighteen Puig:

You got, “Legit Puig”!

Another pretty solid from the Dodger outfielder, hitting the ball in the air suits him well.


2 HR
4 BB
4 SO

Swing Of The Week:

Ballinger’s 32 – HR that sound tho

Pitch of the Week

Yu Darvish Something

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Episode 12-Happy July 31

Adam and Seth reunite to discuss the Dodgers dealings at the deadline.

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Week 17 In Review: Yu Didn’t Need Darvish

The Dodgers didn’t need to make a deal at the trade deadline. With the team’s walk off win on Sunday, the Dodgers owned the best record in baseball by a significant margin. They’re on pace for about 500 wins, and in the middle of a hot streak that’s been go on for months. But, the team isn’t just riding a nice streak, they are loaded with talent, and reaping the benefits of the depth that stems from a commitment to scouting and development.

They didn’t need to make a significant move to secure a fifth straight division title – they are up by fourteen games. They don’t need another arm – they already lead baseball with a 3.09 team ERA, rank 4th in K/9(9.46), and first in WHIP (1.12). Their bullpen already has the potential to be dangerous with Jansen, Baez, Morrow, and rookie phenom Walker Buehler waiting in the wings (one of two players the Rangers said must be included in a Darvish trade).

The potential trade targets aren’t without risks either. Yu Darvish will be a free agent at the end of the year and has struggled in July, Sonny Gray still has years of team control left making him an expensive target, and Zach Britton has struggled with injuries. But while the Cubs, Yankees, Rockies, and Nationals bettered themselves on deadline day, there was still pressure for the Dodgers to make a move.

As the rumors swirled, an idea sets in. What would a Britton/Jansen be like in the playoffs? What would a rotation with Darvish or Gray be like with three other very good pieces? Once the idea pops in your head you can’t shake it. The possibility is too exciting, especially for the fan of team that hasn’t won a championship in your nearly thirty years.

The postseason is random, and unpredictable. The best you can do is better your odds by stocking up on elite players, which is such an easy fantasy to get caught up in. So when reality began to set in in the last few minutes of the deadline that those dreams may not come true. When names like Cingrani, and Watson came in instead of Britton, Gray or Darvish – it was disappointing. After watching the Dodgers come from behind all week, with big moments like Bellinger’s game winning home run, or Kyle Farmer’s walk off debut, it seemed like a waste not to finally combine that fantasy with this special team.

The Dodgers didn’t need Yu Darvish, but they got him anyway. They did it so they could add another elite arm to an already impressive staff. They did it so they could lengthen their playoff rotation and use each of those arms on full rest, they did it because the city is hungry for a championship, because this team is dedicated to winning, and because everyone in the organization knows this team is special. The trade doesn’t guarantee anything, but the organization can now say they’ve done everything they can to win. One step closer to making another fantasy come true.

7/24 6-4 W MIN
7/25 6-2 W MIN
7/26 6-5 W MIN
7/28 6-4 W SF
7/29 2-1 W SF
7/30 3-2 W SF

Record For The Week: 6-0 (Perfect week!)

Injury Update:
Andre Ether (lower back) Took batting practice
Grant Dayton (neck stiffness) Placed on 10-day DL
Adrian Gonzalez (lower back) Took batting practice
Chris Hatcher (thoracic inflammation) Began rehab assignment
Clayton Kershaw (lower back) Played catch
Adam Liberatore (Left forearm tightness) Transferred to 60-day DL
Rob Segedin (Right toe strain) Began rehab assignment

Player of the Week: Kyle Farmer
A couple Dodgers had big weeks but this kid hit 1.000. Getting a hit in all of his one at bats, including a double and two whole runs batted in. Welcome to the big leagues, kid. (Or guy who is 6 months older than me)

Key Moments:
Bellinger’s go ahead shot in the 8th
Paredes makes his debut at 30
Game was delayed 18 minutes for double switch error
Dodgers rally from 5-0 to win
Seeger homers twice
Farmer hits walk-off double in first MLB at bat
Kike throws out runner at the plate to complete DP

Week Seventeen Puig:

You got, “Evolved Puig”!

In the 9th inning on Sunday, Puig stepped into the box with the tying run on first. Utley then stole second to move himself into scoring position, Puig, a notoriously aggressive hitter fell behind. But then a new Puig was born, a patient Puig, that took some tough pitches to get back into a hitter’s count, a Puig that slowed down the game, but more importantly a Puig that finally comes through in big moments. His game tying single might seem like another big moment in a year full of them, but this was important, this is a new Puig. A better Puig. A Puig we all hoped for when he first showed up in 2013.

Stats for the week:
1 HR
2 SO
1 BB


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Week 16 In Review: Minor Glitch

The Dodgers began the week by securing a sweep of the White Sox, extending their winning streak to 11 games, and adding to a long list of impressive numbers the team has put up since the beginning of June. With the best record in baseball and the amount of talent on this team, there’s no denying there’s something special about this team. But with that said, some of their good fortune wasn’t going to last.

Brandon McCarthy was one of the more consistent pitchers when the season began but has been shaky in his last few outings and in his last outing against Atlanta, gave up six runs on nine hits over four innings. McCarthy battled injuries his last few seasons so his hot start to the season was a welcome surprise. So while McCarthy’s decline is disappointing, it’s not entirely surprising. At the end of the day if he regresses to being a decent number four starter, the team will be just fine.

Alex Wood entered this week 11- 0 he was one of the most dominant pitchers in baseball this year. Facing his former team, he surrendered nine runs over 4.2 innings. He allowed nine hits and walked four. While the outing was a rude awakening to a pitcher who was in the midst of a historic career year, he wasn’t going to remain undefeated all season and while it was a bad outing, (really bad in fact) it does seem to be only that. He should bounce back in his next start.

Kenley Jansen has been ridiculous all season. It took forever for him to walk his first batter all while striking out everyone. He’s been completely lights out and as close to automatic as you can expect. In the 9th inning on Sunday, with a 4-1 run lead and two outs, Jansen allowed a 3 run home run, blowing his first save of the year. The pitch he allowed a home run was a mistake out over the plate, and a cutter that did not cut. Safe to say is was a mistake pitch at a bad time. A small reminder that as good as he is, he is still prone to making mistakes. Going forward this isn’t a concern, he picked up the save on Monday with relative ease.

Clayton Kershaw lasted two innings before being removed with a lower back injury. While the exact nature of the injury is still being examined, it’s safe to say this is a tough blow for the Dodger’s ace. At the moment he is expected to miss 4-6 weeks which would have him returning in time for the postseason barring any setbacks. In a weird sense this limit the stress on his innings this year by missing time, but this is hardly ideal. Kershaw dealt with a back injury last season, though it seems like this is a strain instead of the herniated disc problem that sidelined him last year. Either way, it is a concern in a the sense we don’t know the severity. We don’t know how much this will effect him, or if it will pop up again when he returns. Fingers are crossed.

All in all this week could have gone a lot worse, but talented teams have a way of finding ways to win, even when things don’t go their way.

7/18     1-0     W     @CWS
7/19     9-1     W      @CWS
7/20    3-6      L       ATL
7/21     3-12    L       ATL
7/22    6-2     W       ATL
7/23    5-4     W       ATL

Record For The Week: 4-2

Injury Update:
Andre Ether (lower back) Cleared to resume baseball activities
Adrian Gonzalez (lower back) Resumed baseball activities
Scott Kazmir (left hip strain) Sent to home to work on body mechanics
Clayton Kershaw (lower back) Exited game with muscle sprain, placed on DL
Brandon McCarthy (blister) Placed on 10-day DL

Player of the Week: Chris Taylor

Key Moments:

  •  Chris Taylor 4 hit night in Chicago
  •  Dodgers hit 4 home runs
  •  Kenny Jansen blows a save
  •  Kershaw exits with injury
  • Forsythe walk off


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Week 15 In Review: Blow Us All Away


Yasiel Puig digs into the batters box in the top of the ninth. The Dodgers had been awfully quiet to this point. McCarthy struggled a bit but the bullpen kept the game close. Any hope of a Dodger comeback at the top of the inning disintegrates early as Bellinger and Forsythe were retired quickly. Pederson had extended the inning with a single and Grandal followed with a walk. They were a single away from tying the game, but there was only one out to work with. Puig quickly falls behind 0-2. It’s not surprising. He has a tendency to swing a little big in these moments. A wild pitch moves the runners to second and third. A base hit gives the Dodgers a lead. A pitch outside the zone probably ends the game. Ramos deals the 1-2 pitch…

“High drive to left center field… Yasiel Puig has gone deep!” – Joe Davis

You would think that would be the highlight of the short week, (hell it was only 3 games) but the following day Bellinger digs into the box. He’s already had a productive day.  A  single, double and home run on the day, and now just a triple away from the cycle. But, it’s a triple. The hardest part of the cycle.  As great as Bellinger’s season has been, this just doesn’t happen. It’s only happened twice since the Dodgers moved to LA. And a rookie has never done it. Bellinger wastes no time in swinging in his 4th at bat…

“(Bellinger) Rips one into right center and it’s over Stanton’s glove and rolls to the wall. Cody Bellinger has a cycle!” – Joe Davis

The Dodgers have exceeded expectations all season long and continue to do so. They’ve already had a historic season and they are barely over the halfway mark. It’s getting exhausting trying to tame the excitement. This is a special team and I keep waiting for them to come back down but they show no sign of stopping. They just continue to blow us all away and I can’t wait to see what they do next.

7/10         HR Derby
7/11      All Star Game
7/14      6-4      W      @MIA
7/15      7-1       W      @MIA
7/16      3-2      W      @MIA

Record For The Week: 3-0 (Perfect Week!)

Injury Update:

Player of the Week: Cody Bellinger

There were only three games this week, but a solid showing in the derby complete with third cycle in LA history is impressive enough.

Key Moments:

  • Puig homers twice (game winning)
  • Cody Bellinger hits for cycle
  • Alex Wood improves to 11-0
  • Improve record to 64-29

Week Fifteen Puig:

You got “Hero Puig!”

“I need a hero. I’m holding out for a hero ’till the end of the night. He’s gotta be strong and he’s gotta be fast and he’s gotta be fresh from the fight”


2 HR
1 SO
2 BB


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Week 14 In Review: I’m Into Something Good


If this Dodger team seems ridiculous, it’s because it is. Yammering on about how much fun they are to watch is pointless, because the excitement surrounding this team is something different and new. Every win comes with a historic tidbit about the historic pace they’re on or record they’ve broken. They go into the all star break with the best record in baseball and an insane run differential. And while they’ve been on an unsustainable pace, it doesn’t seem like a team that’s relying on luck. This is a talented group, and while they may not win 109 games like they’re on pace to do. They’re one of the best teams Dodger fans have seen in years. For a fan growing up in the post ’88 years, this is the type of team I always felt like I had missed out on. The hall of fame stacked lineups of the 50s, the Koufax/Drysdale years of the 60s and the dominant teams in the 70s that my grandfather fell in love with, are all just throwback videos on the jumbotron. Reminders of what the team used to be. Reminders of how different teams were in the McCourt and Fox years. There have been some great moments and some good teams since then, but none quite like this. To be fair, this team is special because teams like this don’t come around that often. And nothing is guaranteed. (see ’16 Giants) And of the six 100 win teams, none of them won the World Series. But am I worried? Of course not, because it’s fun to be a fan right now. It’s great to finally watch a team you know is special, that comes up with those moments, you only hoped for before.

Playoff Odds: 100%? The Dodgers are so good they are breaking math.

7/4 4-3 W ARI
7/5 1-0 W ARI
7/6 5-4 W ARI
7/7 4-1 W KC
7/8 5-4 W KC
7/9 5-2 W KC

Record For The Week: 6-0 (Perfect Week!)

Injury Update:
Grant Dayton 10-Day DL (Neck Stiffness)
Hyun-Jin Ryu 10-Day DL (Foot Contusion)
Yasmani Grandal Day to Day (Left Hand Bruise)

Player of the Week: Clayton Kershaw

We really don’t understand how lucky we are to see him pitch every fifth day.

Two Starts
ERA 1.13
GS 2
SO 24
IP 16.0
ER 2

Key Moments:

  • Kershaw takes no hitter into the 7th
  • Grandma flashes camera on Stadium Cam
  • Wood improves 10-0
  • Dodgers 4-Run 9th Walk Off
  • Utley 1,000 RBI
  • First Team to 60 wins
  • Walk-off walk
  • Turner homers twice.

Week Fourteen Puig:

You got “Face In Net Puig”! 

Not a spectacular week for the right fielder, but he has been surprisingly solid in this first half. And I must say, I’m pretty pleased. It was a good session in the cage, just had some trouble leaving it.


1 Home Run
0 BB
5 SO

Swing Of The Week: How about a single for once

Pitch of the Week: Curveball + Framing = Strikeout

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Week 12 In Review: When Your Team Gets Hot


Okay, let’s get all the bad news out of the way. Julio Urias is done for the rest of the 2017, and will miss part of next season. The talented rookie tore his anterior capsule in his left shoulder, and will require surgery. The big concern is the chance that Urias may never be the same player he was before the injury. Of the few pitchers that have suffered similar injuries, few found success following their surgeries. The only silver lining here is that unlike the other pitchers, Urias does not have a full tear, so there is a chance he can make a full recovery, but at this point the future is very uncertain for the young phenom. Brandon McCarthy also struggled with the yips again on his Sunday start. The yips is a condition that effects fine motor skills, and though he’s been able put the condition in the past up to this point, there’s no way of knowing how much longer it will effect him or when it will come back. So, there is a bit of concern moving forward, especially because McCarthy has been one of the most dominant pitchers so far this year. But enough about the bad news…

The Dodgers look good, like really good. Going into the season, we knew they should be a pretty good team, they brought back a lot of the key players from last year’s team – a team that was two wins away from the world series. But, they’re playing on a completely different level. The Dodgers had some pleasant surprises with Alex Wood and Brandon McCarthy. Though Ryu hasn’t been is effective as he was in the past, he’s been really good at times. Chris Taylor came out of nowhere, Puig is closer to the impressive rookie sensation that broke in 2013 than struggling injury prone player we saw in 2015 and 2016. Seeger came within a few feet of a home run cycle (!!!), Turner is hitting close to .400, Jansen is striking out everyone (and he can swing the bat) … and then there’s Cody Bellinger, who breaks some sort of record every game it feels like. He has 24 home runs on the year and he didn’t get called up until the end of April. All this is to say, the team has been a lot of fun to watch, I’ve had teams on video games that weren’t this good. It really is ridiculous. It’s not going to last, it can’t last, (I mean they scored 5 runs on wild pitches, that only happens when things are going well) but that doesn’t matter. Because right now they are the best team in the National League. They’re probably the best team I’ve seen in my lifetime and I’m enjoying every moment. Until their next lost.

6/19      10-6     W      NYM

6/20      12-0    W      NYM

6/21       8-2     W      NYM

6/22      6-3      W      NYM

6/23      6-1       W      COL

6/24      4-0      W      COL

6/25      12-6     W      COL

Record For The Week: 7-0! (PERFECT WEEK)

Injury Update:

  • Julio Urias season over due to surgery (shoulder)
  • Adrian Gonzalez to 10-day DL (back)
  • Corey Seager (hamstring)
  • Franklin Guttierez to 10-day DL (Anklyosis spondylitis)

Player of the Week: Cody Bellinger

I was tempted to give this to Corey Seager, ( he had a 3 home run game and hit .563!) But then Cody Bellinger hit two more home runs to give him five for the week. He also hit .370 and only struck out five times this week. This honor is mostly for that. (and again, I like home runs)

Key Moments:

  • Cody Bellinger 2 homer vs Mets
  • Corey Seager 3 homer game
  • Puig homers and the Mets get mad
  • Grandal’s 2  homer game
  • Baez walks and picks up an RBI
  • Dodgers sweep Mets (first 4 game sweep of Mets since 1979)
  • Cody reveals he doesn’t know who Jerry Seinfeld is
  • Cody Bellinger 2 HR game vs Rockies
  • Kenley Jansen hits an RBI Double

Week Twelve Puig:

You Got “Meme Puig”!

“Tell me more about respecting the game because you’re horrible.”

.333/524/.800 with 2 home runs, 1 strikeout, 1 controversy and 6 walks.

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Week 11 In Review: And The Next Man Wants To Hit The Ball Too, And He Does


“And the next man wants to hit the ball too – and he does! And there he goes off in that direction. And everyone is happy” – Marge Simpson

…But more importantly, I’m happy. The Dodgers began the week by taking on last year’s AL pennant winners – the Cleveland Indians. While they’ve underperformed a bit so far this year, they’re still loaded with talent, and the first two games were pretty close. The Dodgers would get to All-Star reliever Andrew Miller in back-to-back games. Cody Bellinger took Miller deep to break the tie in the 8th. And for good measure he added another home run in the 9th. Wednesday, it was Kike’s turn to get to Andrew Miller and he did it with an opposite shot to right to break the tie in the 8th. Rich Hill would struggle on Thursday, and the Dodgers never recovered. Wood was effective in his start on Friday. Joc Pederson went deep for his first home run since his return from the DL. Saturday, the Dodgers hit ALL THE HOME RUNS, en route to a 10-2 victory. They then knocked Bronson Arroyo around on Father’s Day to complete the sweep, though the bullpen did try and make a game out of this one.

The Dodgers used a quasi 6-man rotation, as Kershaw, McCarthy, Hill, Wood, Ryu, and Madea each made a start this week, and the Dodgers got solid starts from each except Hill. The biggest improvement was the offense. After struggling for the first half of last week, he continued his success from the weekend by continuing to crush the ball. But he’s not the only one. Kike, Puig, Taylor, Seager were also had great this week. Pederson tapped into the power he was missing for most of the season, and don’t forget about Justin Turner, who just doesn’t stop hitting. It’s always nice to see the offense show up, but it’s been especially nice considering they did it on the road, where they have struggled a bit at times. The Dodgers go 5-1 on the week and are looking pretty damn good. Now if only the Rockies and Diamondbacks would lose…

6/13      7-5     W     @CLE

6/14     6-4      W     @CLE

6/15     5-12     L     @CLE

6/16     3-1       W     @CIN

6/17     10-2     W     @CIN

6/18     8-7       W     @CIN

Record For The Week: 5-1

Playoff Odds:

Injury Update:

  • Joc Perderson returns from the 10-Day DL

Player of the Week: Cody Bellinger

Several players had really good weeks, but I like home runs. So, congratulations, Cody!

Key Moments:

  • Bellinger Two HR in Clevalnd
  • Kike Homers off Andrew Miller
  • Puig Homers, flips off fan.
  • Wood pitches a gem and drives in a run
  • Bellinger, Pederson go back-to-back
  • Kike’s run saving catch at the wall

Week Eleven Puig:

You got “F#$% You Puig”!

Puig responded to hecklers by hitting a home run and then flipping them off, and got suspended for it. But luckily the offense didn’t stop there. He would hit 3 home runs this week and had a triple slash of .304/.346/.739.

Swing Of The Week:

Pitch of the Week:

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Podcast Episode 11 – Get Rich Or Get Better

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